Jada Pinkett Smith treats music like a "mistress".

Jada Pinkett Smith treats music like a “mistress”.
The 43-year-old star is best known for her acting career, landing roles in TV show Gotham and The Matrix Revolutions throughout her career.
However, she also has a musical string to her bow and she previously played in a couple of nu metal bands under the stage name Jada Koren. She hasn’t turned her back on the venture entirely, but she doesn’t give it as much attention as she should.
“I’m still in a band. I’ll always be a part of Wicked Wisdom and Wicked Evolution, but you have different phases of your life and I think that was a phase,” she told British newspaper Metro. “It’s very difficult. I’ve always treated music like a mistress and she doesn’t like that. She’s like, ‘Make me wife or I’m leaving!'”
It’s no surprise Jada got involved with making tunes as her husband Will has also had a successful career in the industry, as well as being a respected actor.
The music bug has even been caught by their kids Jaden and Willow, whose 2010 track Whip My Hair became an instant hit when she was just nine years old.
“I look at my daughter and music is her life. To really be good at it, you can’t do both music and acting,” Jada noted. “Music is constantly growing, creating and moving. If you’re not with her the whole time music will surpass you. She’ll be over there.”
Though Jada may wish she had more time for it, her acting career is currently soaring. Her latest role is as Rome in stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL, alongside original stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer.

Jada Pinkett Smith treats music like a "mistress".

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